"Simply put, Josh makes my training efficient, challenging and effective - far more so than I could do on my own. Each week has purpose so I'm consistently competitive while it all drives toward reaching peak fitness when it matters most. But more than just physical training, it has also been about learning from every race and interaction, and so I see improvement with all skills from handling to tactics. Whether I'm being encouraged to try new tactics or training, set smart goals or reflect on my performance, Josh frames things in new ways that deepen my experience. I have experienced fast and sound development in every dimension of racing I can think of and look forward to continuing the trend."


"Before I started working with Josh Friedman, I trained hard but found myself at the back of the Cat 3 cyclocross field. In my first dozen races after working with Josh, I notched 7 top 5's, 4 podiums, and a win. I never could have imagined this level of improvement. His training programs injected variety and logic into my routine. I tell him how many hours I have to train, and he puts together workouts that are both clear and enjoyable. I simply follow this training program, and no matter what situation or conditions a race throws at me, my body responds. I recommend him enthusiastically, particularly for people with families and careers who--like me--have limited time to train. He helps you get the most performance from the time you have!"


“I have been working with Josh Friedman since the spring of 2008 in preparation for the National Collegiate Cycling Championship.  Josh and I spoke about coaching, and after I began working with him, I noticed a tremendous improvement in improving areas that I had previously struggled in.

“Josh gave me specified workouts each week that not only helped work on my weaknesses, but also built my strength.  Most importantly, however, was that Josh was able to coordinate the training to my schedule.  After graduating from college, I immediately worked in a very high-stress environment that allowed for little training time and less sleep.  I’ve appreciated that Josh has been able to accommodate this schedule by making training both fun and serious.  Moreover, Josh is incredibly supportive with a good mix of a “just do it” and “remember to have fun” attitude. “

-Pan Pan

“Josh has been a huge help in my transition from casual racing to elite level racing and smart training. Working with Josh I have seen huge improvements in my overall cycling performance through his diverse range of training exercises and constant feedback on how I feel on and off the bike. Josh has been very open minded to altering my training schedule (even unexpected last minute changes) to work around my busy lifestyle and changing needs as a developing cyclist.”


“Josh’s coaching method is intuitive and he has helped me look past the numbers and learn to understand my body’s messages. He understands how to balance work, life, and training realistically for all of his athletes. With his help I can now bury myself in competition in ways I previously thought impossible, and train more efficiently and effectively.”